Saturday, July 4, 2009

Too many deaths!!

This has been a crazy couple of months and years. I mean musicians, athletes, actors/actresses are dropping like flies. It is definitely a reality check for us regular people. Here is my list of greats that have left too soon, sorry if I've forgotten a few: Bernie Mack (1957-2008), Isaac Hayes (1942-2008), Michael Jackson (1958-2009), Farrah Fawcett (1947-2009), Steve McNair, and the guy that said "Heeeeeerrrrrreeeee's Johnny!!", I got it..Ed McMahon (forgive me but I cant remember his name).

It's amazing the affect that these people have on our lives. And what's funny is that when they're alive you would've never thought that someone who u didn't know, knew most of the words to all their big hits, or have never been to a concert could have such a profound affect on your life. I mean when I heard about Michael and Bernie Mac I was horribly sadden. I couldn't believe how sad I was. And I actually cried about Michael. I couldn't talk to anybody. And I was thoroughly overcome by sorts of emotions..I didn't know what hit me.

It just shows that you don't have to know a person to have true compassion and respect for what they have accomplished. The world was touched by these people.

I almost feel like there has to be a conspiracy or something. Especially in regards to all of these prominent black men that are dying (hate to bring this to a race But for real..its crazy.

With all these recent deaths, it helps one to stay focused on the here and now. We all have to remember that both life and death waits for nobody. None of us is blessed w/ time. And don't put off for tomorrow what you could do today. Live your dreams, no matter what your friends or family has to say about it. And realize that sometimes it's not meant for others to understand your dreams. Sometimes you gotta go @ it solo.

Something to think about...

May all those who have left us rest now...u will always be remembered

Friday, May 1, 2009

Why are women such emotional creatures

So..I'm lying in bed..and "The Lake House" w/ Keane Reeves and Sandra Bullock just finishes...and of course I'm the biggest baby. And I realize why the hell are I/women such emotional creatures. I mean I could watch this shit all day!! And of course one of my all the fav movies is coming on next, "The Notebook". I mean OMG...this movie just makes every chic that's not cold-hearted (and there are a few of those bitches out there) just wanna melt. Those of u men who have not seen the movie "The Notebook" definitely need to go rent the DVD. It's literally what every chic dreams about.

I always wonder where the hell is the guy whose suppose to do all those amazing things for me. Us women don't ask for every much: a man whose caring, believes in fam, hard working, and will love us unconditional; Not that much!!

Sometimes I think that us women are suppose to run across a good number of losers and I hope that men have to suffer the same to REALLY appreciate a good thing when one comes across us. But I always wonder like REALLY how many losers do we have to met. Well I guess I will continue to be single and suffer tho the losers until a GOOD one comes along... timing is everything

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big One: Blinded Truth

Trust…now broken



Someone who I thought so highly of…turned out to be a fraud

Hints said so subtle over the years…hmm how naive of me

No…everyone doesn’t feel that way about those close to them

Why do u keep asking me this…the answer hasn’t changed… “NO”

Ohhh how tricky…such a sly snake..timed just right…you’ve put in place

Curiosity… it killed the cat…curiosity…oh…play it safe

Patron…Hennesey…Grey Goose it…fake…

Here have this…just a bit more…you’ll feel so great…fake…

So pretty…so soft…so gentle…so fake

So into u…so into me…just me and you…so fake…

Come sit on my lap…look in my eyes…I care for u…so fake…

Mind in a world wind…things will never be the same…yes they will…no they won’t..yes they fake…

Thump…thump…thump...thump… heart beating so fast

Why…why…why…why…why…why the hell he’s doing these thangs…

Slide in me…I can’t look…please stop…mind goin crazy…words won’t come out…

I’m still…

Can’t move….can’t breathe…SILENCE

He’s like my father…I’m like his daughter…DAMN IT’S SO FAKE


We were soooo close…I loved u like fam…u were like my dad…


To my daddy

Here's another poem...I hope u likie!!

To My Daddy

My daddy had no daddy
To show him all the ropes
From that I see my daddy
Finds it hard to show his love

In abstract ways I guess he’s tried
To reveal these clues to me
But as a child and now adult
They still remain a mystery

We live each day in the present
Yet still haunted by the past
But my Heavenly Father says to me
I must forgive whole heartedly
To heal the hurt and pain

In my journey to become closer to Christ
I know I have to do this
Leaving the fragments of the past
And focus on the future

So I say on this special day
That is yours indeed
I love you now and forever more
Not bringing up the past to thee

Sunday, February 22, 2009

He's just not that into u of course I had to go see this movie. This movie was hella funny...I mean I was dying. I agreed with the movie in quite a few instances. I actually took a few notes, which is hella funny in itself. I definitely think it's a movie worth seeing so I will try not to tell the whole But no, I really want to add a bit. would think that everyone would know when a person isn't really into them. But, I think it's a bit confusing these days for some folks.

-Ignoring phone calls
-Person being rude to u
-Dogging you
-Dodging you
-Never returning phones

I'm sure there are many more tale-tell signs of it. And I think women especially concoct amazing excuses as to why men act the way they do. In the movie, I really felt this held true. In the movie the chick would just make millions of excuses as to why the guys she liked would dodge her or treat her badly. I have tons of girl friends that do this and I know I find myself doing this also. Once you get over the person and you look back at the situation it's amazing the BS that you put up with.

Some scenarios

He/She cheated on you: I caused this b/c I didnt do ______ (fill that in)

He/She is rude b/c: I irritate him.

He/She is in the process of a divorce (gotta love that one)BTW what the hell is a process of a divorce..your either divorce or married..there is NO in between!!!!

He/She hasn't call yet...oh they must be busy...(hmmm that is always funny)

Haven't hard from that person for a while (think about it)

How long will you wait for this person to be the person that you want? How much BS are you willing to put up with? How long will you wait on the divorce, some respect, or even a phone call? We all have our tipping points...our pt when we say enough is enough and we keep it moving. Sometimes this is a swift process and sometimes this can take forever. And you wish u can move on and sometimes ur in denial of thinking that u have moved on.

Anyways...getting off topic (Was I ranting on about myself....hmmm). If a person hasn't called u back in say the usu 2-3 day grace period of giving out the phone number, then he/she's probably not that into u. I, personally, will forget a person in a wk's time..w/ no problem. Not even think twice about it...well maybe if the person was like a 12 on a 10 scale.

I'm gonna tell you guys something that my girl told me. This breezy (Bay area word) was so harsh and she made me cry when she was brutally honest with me...I'm gonna share her "reality checking" words with u guys..

Ok here goes....

- "If he loved u he would change, so obviously he doesn't give a f***"

- "He doesn't love u, he doesn't like u, and he could give a rats a** (I added that last bit)"

- "Move on"

Her telling me that worked..I figured why was I all sad and bent out of shape for someone who could care less. I'm the one stressed, My days r shitty, and he's the one going about his business having a great time.

From the words of my friend J: "he's just not that into you" (said before the movie came

I'm gonna end with that...I'm sad all over again

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Communication Technology: Friend or Foe

So, I've always thought that technology was the greatest thing in the world...and I still do, ummmm kinda sorta, sometimes. Anyway, the idea of living long enough for our world to merge with the Jetson's has always been a dream. I mean flying cars, messages sent over heliogram, and teleporting where ever you want to go. Sounds tight to me...we're not even close to that and I'm getting thoroughly annoyed with the communication devices we have now...

Let me get to the issue at hand

What is wrong with ppl text messaging like the verbal communication and actually seeing a person is a bad thing. Ppl have gotten so wrapped up in texting that refuse to talk on the phone and have full drawn out conversations over texting and it's quite annoying. I don't want a relationship that doesn't involve picking up the phone or a visit.

-Telling a person you miss them over text is cute ONLY IF you say in person also.

-Telling someone how they make you feel is not a text only event

-Breaking up with someone is not a texting event (lol)

-Trying to get the booty is not a texting event.

Ppl need to grow up and get a life. Texting should not ever be your main form of communication I don't care how far your significant person or even friend lives from you. It is rude to limit that person to texting only.

I think that it's sad that texting has allowed ppl to not conform issues or even to open up to ppl. Talking out your feelings and emotions is extremely important to grow as a person and a relationship and it would be a damn shame for ppl to use technology to substitute real life relations.

If a person can only tell you something over text messaging then it has a great chance of being ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Men!!! Here's a Clue...

After talking to many of my guy friends and my own rough (nice way of phrasing) experiences with men, I have realized that men really don't have a SINGLE clue about women. I mean this is 2009 and most men have had their mother's in their lives and still they are completely obvious. It simply amazes me. So, I'm gonna take this time to give men just a bit of help. I figure something is better than nothing.

SO, here we please pay attention and women please feel free to add anything that I may leave out.

1) If your interested in a woman, speak to her. Don't send your boy, don't stare and yet say absolutely nothing, don't wait years wishing you had spoken, and if you did wait years u would find out she had a crush on u all along but was hoping that you would speak to her. (Whew.. a mouthful already!!)

2) Learn to be appreciative. Remember that your not guaranteed anything and that everything she does for you is truly because she cares about u. As soon as she feels like your taking her kindness for a weakness she will stop doing what she does that you like "Oh so very much". Or if she starts to feel that you EXPECT her to do it, she will be irritated that you expect it. A simple "Baby, I really appreciate when you do...., ur amazing". LOL something like that. Appreciate how she turns heads, appreciate how she treats u, appreciate how she goes out of her way for u (when she doesn't have to), appreciate meals, appreciate presents, and appreciate that she's your girl AND NOT the next dude.

3) RESPECT HER!!! I'm thinking this should've been first, but keep in mind this is in no order of's all So, much could be said. Respect her how u would respect your mom or how u would want someone to treat your mother/sis/daughter. If you treat those ppl crappy, then in a realistic world, it's gonna be difficult for you to treat your woman any different..and you might need a bit of therapy...just a suggestion. Respect her time, respect body, respect her intellect (just a few)!!

4)Learn how to simply agree to keep the peace. women get frustrated, annoyed, bothered, sensitive (sometimes hypersensitive), irritated and sometimes we simply just don't want to be bothered..and it may seem that these all mean the same things, but for a woman it really does have very different meanings. I understand that for a man that this can be quite confusing and probably overwhelming at times. A piece of advice: agree without sounding like your patronizing her, apologize if your annoying her (remember she could simply be annoyed by your present or even just anyone's presence...sorry),
ask if she needs anything or if u can help in anyway, maybe buy her a massage or spa day (you can do this whenever, so this is not limited to these moments only), or just stay away, while reminding her your here for her. There you go men.

5) Take care of your woman. When I say take care of your woman I don't mean you have to buy her crazy lavish gifts when u kno good and well ur on a tight budget. It means letting her know she's appreciated. This is a really big one men. I'm gonna try to break this down big time

- A simple text/phone call (PHONE CALLS R USU BETTER):

I was thinking about u.
I saw something that reminded me of u
I miss u
I hope ur day is going great
FYI: if you do too much already over text then u need to stop, we need to take it old school..pick up the damn phone!!

-Get her nails/hair done

-Dinner (at home or out)

-A picnic

-Something unexpected

-Something thoughtful: I will give an example of this. So one year for Valentine's my ex did something so amazing and extremely memorable. This was during track season and my coach wanted me to lose some weight, I had to cut back on sweets. So, for Valentine's day he made me a box of chocolate box (I hope that makes sense) a heart box out of cardboard box, spray painted it red and was huge, like half my body. It was so perfect and he filled it with track goodies: beef jerk (which I love for meets), all types of snacks, and a coloring book w/ crayons for traveling. It was amazing. I loved it and cherished it. It was by far better than any jewelry or anything else I have EVER came from the heart...all mushy and stuff

So, guys this was just a bit on insight....I hope that is was helpful. REMEMBER MEN: What you won't do, the next man will..Know when you have a Dime and Learn how to treat her/Keep her!! 80/20!!!

Ladies like I said before feel free to add more. Men if you have more questions simply ask..MUAH!!